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WARNING : sand-blox's development has stopped indefinitely and will not be worked on anymore the game will become outdated and may stop working!

Sand-Blox is a game where you can fly around a infinitely generated world, place blocks, break blocks and explore customizable worlds. Sand-Blox is written in c#.


Sand-Blox is in alpha and the current version is beta 0.0.2

Want To Help?

If you want to help develop Sand-Blox gmail or email me here : enam84live.com@gmail.com


In Sand-Blox so far there is the ability to place and break blocks, infinitely generated worlds, 5 world types, infinite world saves, day night cycle, camera movement, trees, grass.

Upcoming Features

I am planning to add more blocks, villages and more.


Credit to manicdigger for the original game, I used it as a base.


The Sand Flow Games© website is currently down but will be back up on dec 4 2021


Sand-Blox supports windows 7, windows 8/8.1, windows 10 and windows 11. mac and linux support are coming soon!

Install instructions

1. Download installer

2. Double click the installer

3. Go through installer

4. Double click 'Sand-Blox Launcher'

5. You will need to install netcoreapp 3.1 for desktop applications

6. Enjoy!


Sand-Blox.apk 18 MB
Sand-Blox Installer.exe 44 MB
Sand Flow Games© Installer.exe 1 MB

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A Minecraft clone. What is the point? Are there going to be mechanics that don't or can't exist (even with mods) in Minecraft?

i know it looks like minecraft but i will take a turn in mechanics and it will be different than minecraft


if anyone has a mac can they test the launcher?


i have an imac g3 from 2001 will that work


actually never mind the mac launcher, the windows launcher doesn't seem to work



Deleted 314 days ago

ok cool


Cool game i love it

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Great Game Keep It Up! 10/10! (You Also Got A Follow!)


Thanks man. you can also donate if you want but if you dont want to thats ok! appreciate the comment!